Tips to Prepare a Flawless CV

21 May, 2013


Creating a curriculum vitae or CV is the first step for applying to a job. It is an extremely crucial step as it is the first point of contact a candidate makes with the potential employers. It is important to write a resume in a way that reflects your personality and instantly impresses the recruiter. The company must get impelled to call you for a personal interview. Let us discuss the ways by which you can create the perfect CV.

CV Tips

A Job Applicant preparing a CV

Understanding the purpose

Most people unknowingly create their resume with the aim of landing themselves a job.

However, one must understand that the purpose of this document is not to get you the job directly; it is to first get you through to the interview stage. Candidates end up writing monotonous and lengthy documents in a monotone. This portrays them as desperate job chasers. What your CV should talk about is your quality. The only objective of the CV is to promote the applicant in an appealing manner so that the company calls him or her for a face to face session. The interview later determines the chances of you landing the job.

Support your qualities

Rather than enumerating your qualities and plus points in a boring list, try to back up your abilities with real life situations and circumstances. A list stating that you are creative and a disciplined team player may not carry much weight. But, if you state how your team effort in your previous work place got you through a difficult situation then the qualities will surely seem real. Throw light on your strengths using experiences.

Ensure the correct Usage of Words

In today’s age when most recruiters are making use of keyword-related searches, it would be foolish not to include the main domain keywords and job titles in your resume. The Human Resource departments of firms run digital search queries on the basis of specific keywords related to the field. And if your CV does not include those keywords or words related to them, then your biodata will not even appear in front of the company and you will be left out of the hiring process. You can always take cue from the available job description and associated advertisements from the employer.

The way of writing

Recruiters usually take about a few seconds to glance through CVs. The judgment is passed in the first five seconds. You must do all you can to make the document look attractive and crisp. Nobody has the patience to read lengthy paragraphs of text. You must make good use of pointers and bullets to describe your professional goals, past experiences and educational qualifications. Short and to-the-point sentences are always perceived well. Use big, legible font and the resume format shall speak for itself.

Also, using effective titles on the resume always helps. While mentioning your former experience, use complete formal job tags, such as ‘Management of A/R and A/P and Recordkeeping’; and not just "Accounting".


It is advisable to always proof-read the entire document before sending it across to the recruiters. One small typo can ruin your chances of getting employed. This tip especially holds weight while writing resume for freshers as one can be reckless while drafting the document. Your CV must be grammatically correct and error-free. You should run the spell check at least twice and once proof read manually.

By Rashmi Singh, a writer by profession, author is currently focusing her writing on the extensive domain of job search in India. She has written various articles, news stories and blog posts for the employment sector. The above article on CV writing has been written after an in-depth analysis of hiring trends.