Resume Writing Tips for 2012

28 Sep, 2012


When you’re writing a resume you must consider more in the importance of the resume as a document that can define your future and specifically your career, whether if you’re a recent graduate with no experience in the field or if you’re already a professional with experience. That’s why we have considered writing carefully a selection of resume writing tips for 2012, because employments, industries and recruiting techniques change over the years.

Writing a resume should not be a difficult task if you have the correct information, and the latest tools; however, you should not take this as something to work at the last moment and not give it the necessary importance.

  • First of all recommendations we can give you is to keep your resume up-to-date in every moment, not only when you find a job opportunity, that’s why it’s a good practice to add any new skill, accomplishment, certification and job experience you acquire as soon as you can.

  • Nowadays, employers recognize the great importance of Software skills, so if you have a list of those it’s important to highlight them and if you include a summary, they can be referred at that point. At this point you can also add your LikedIn profile link or any other social media account, if you do so, remember to keep clean profiles because you can count on that the employer will see them; in fact, even if you don’t add your profiles, be sure that the employer will look for your social accounts in the Internet.

  • You need to learn how to choose and identify the adequate keywords for your resume, so your information will be easier to reach with a search engine. Remember that your resume keywords are like triggers for potential employers, you must update your keywords because of the terminologies for each industry may change in time.

  • You can tweak the format of your resume if you find a better presentation; you can find several templates online.

  • As you write your resume, it’s important to proofread it, with the help of your text editor you can make al revisions and updates necessary; once you finish the resume you should make the same process to be sure that it’s correct and there won’t be any spelling or typographical errors.

  • Focus your attention to the Objective statement, in past years, applicants used to add huge amounts of words about their career, profession, skills, and more, that excess content is boring to read and easy to reject; that’s why we recommend a short statement for a resume objective that could communicate your career goals to the reader, and impress the potential employer at the same time. If your objective is too vague or maybe even lame it could be better to delete it.

  • For each time you have the opportunity to send your resume, you should review carefully and try to avoid those entries that are not relevant for the job, remember that old entries are not relevant either.

  • Always include references, if you put the phrase “available upon request” won’t beneficiate you, maybe potential employer could think that it’s a waste of time and for you it’s a wasted opportunity.

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