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18 Jun, 2013 || Resume Tips

Visual Resumes and Image Files Requirements

Submitting a resume to potential employers in the creative field should be done by properly inserting a photo to represent yourself professionally. Showing a photo within your resume can help to increase your chances of being considered for the job.

When you are thinking of applying for a position that involves photography, design, art or any type of work that is creative, including a photo of yourself or any work you want to showcase is highly recommended to attract potential employers to your resume and CV. Using resume maker tools online from home can help you to piece together a professional resume and CV that is appealing to all employers regardless of the industry you plan to work in. Having a visual resume is a way to outshine other candidates who do not put as much time and effort into their own resumes before applying for a position. If you need to know how to resize your image within your resume, consider using free services and tools from home.

21 May, 2013 || Resume Tips

Tips to Prepare a Flawless CV

Creating a curriculum vitae or CV is the first step for applying to a job. It is an extremely crucial step as it is the first point of contact a candidate makes with the potential employers. It is important to write a resume in a way that reflects your personality and instantly impresses the recruiter. The company must get impelled to call you for a personal interview. Let us discuss the ways by which you can create the perfect CV.

CV Tips

A Job Applicant preparing a CV

18 Jan, 2013 || Resume Tips

Latin America job opportunities

jobs in latin americaIn this article, we are going to talk about Latin America job opportunities. If you are interested in working abroad, we invite you to read the info here.

Would you like to work abroad? Then, maybe you are interested in working in Latin America. The economic stability of this part of the world is one of the most important reasons why people are looking for jobs here. If you want to work in Latin America, you should try to have a good command of the Spanish language, because in most Latin American countries, Spanish is the official language. In this section we also want to present you with useful websites where you can find Latin America job opportunities.

17 Jan, 2013 || Resume Tips

Video Resumes Vs Text Resumes

Read a comprehensive introduction about Video Resumes Vs Text Resumes. If you want to know the pros and cons of a video resume, we invite you to read this article.


30 Nov, 2012 || Resume Tips

The resume is dead!

A resume is known as an informative tool about you. However, it seems that traditional resumes are not working anymore and the resume is dead. Employers could pay most interested in how people think, how people like to work and what people are like. These aspects could not be seen in a simple resume, but it could be better to check them in social profiles.

Employers are losing interest in those traditional resumes based in just text. They would like to be impressed by your creativity on a resume. They could prefer to see digital resumes with web presence or other interactive tools. Maybe, it is time to use resume templates and layouts to improve your resume.


30 Nov, 2012 || Resume Tips

How To Create Portfolio Online

To create a portfolio online is a requirement in our days, in this article we give you some tips and examples of online portfolios to improve the promotion of your works.

Creating a portfolio online must be one of the most important things to do if you work in web design, photography, videos, if you want to succeed on these fields it’s necessary to have a portfolio online from the beginning so you can make your own brand and start a marketing campaign for your work.

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