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28 Sep, 2012 || Resume Tips

Resume Writing Tips for 2012

resume writting tips 2012When you’re writing a resume you must consider more in the importance of the resume as a document that can define your future and specifically your career, whether if you’re a recent graduate with no experience in the field or if you’re already a professional with experience. That’s why we have considered writing carefully a selection of resume writing tips for 2012, because employments, industries and recruiting techniques change over the years.

Writing a resume should not be a difficult task if you have the correct information, and the latest tools; however, you should not take this as something to work at the last moment and not give it the necessary importance.

27 Sep, 2012 || Resume Tips

How to write an Administrative Assistant Resume

Administrative assistant resumeIf you’re creating your resume for the first time, you need to know that every resume is different; you cannot create your resume to present in each job opportunity. It’s important to consider that each position to which you’re going to apply will need a different content and maybe layout and format. We created this article to help you in the writing of your resume for an administrative assistant position.

If you wonder how to write an Administrative assistant resume, the first thing we must have in mind is include information that could attract the employer’s attention, from the resume objective or summary and the education and job experience. The whole information need to be organized according to a style and the information must fit with the skills and requirements for a person in this job position.

25 Sep, 2012 || Examples

20 Creative Resume Designs to impress

Do you feel that you’re not getting enough success in your job search? Although you send thousands of resumes to several companies, whether you know they’re hiring or not. Well, you might think it could be because of you or your qualification, or you’re not good enough for the job, in fact there are other reasons that could influence and you’re not considering, such as the design of your resume.

You must remember that there’re thousands of people looking for a job, the same as you, and companies receive each day too many resumes each day; those resumes might look like yours maybe and they are discarding those resumes (including yours) because they are not getting noticed.