Write a successful covering letter

21 Jan, 2013


resume cover letterPersonalizing a cover letter is so important. Submitting a generic cover letter will not capture the reader or the employer as well. You also need to address the specific positions that are usually advertised over the web and through prints.

Resume is an important tool in applying for a job, but this is not just the only tool that you need. You also need to have a cover letter which is also important in applying for a job and in impressing a boss or an employer.

Rather than finding generic cover letter for your job application, you can make your own job application cover letter and increase your possibilities of getting the job that you want.

resume cover letter Cover letters are introduction to an employer and it should lure him to take a peek at your resume and eventually call you for an interview.

Cover letters play a vital role in highlighting the skills that you have on your resume.You may divide the cover letter into paragraphs just to highlight everything properly. You should always address the letter to the person you are talking to like HR manager.

The steps in writing a cover letter:

1. You should write some of your interest in a particular position.

Recruitment companies or employers often hire numbers of people in a specific position so if you want to make sure that your cover letter will not be placed in a trash can, its best to make sure you follow this initial step.

2. Job application cover letter that will lead you to the right path should be composed of an explanation of why you should be hired for the position and this should be seen in the first paragraph of the letter.

You can use keywords same as the job description in the letter, but always be honest in writing your cover letter. You shouldn’t say that you are logical if you are not really good at it and it’s not your best asset. You should indicate your most remarkable skills suited for the position that you are applying.

3. Expound all your accomplishments in the next paragraph.

You have to describe how you have helped a company increased their sales or how you have saved lots of dollars every year on your previous job. Highlighting your accomplishments especially if they are somehow related to the job position that you are applying for can be a big help to you along the way.

4. You can end the cover letter by thanking the employer for the time spent in reading your cover letter.

You can also request a time and date for a meeting to talk about the position that you are applying for in the company. Cover letters are usually closed by a formal sign like sincerely yours and then indicate your full name and contact information so the employer will know where to find you in case he/she is interested in you.

cover-lettersIt is really hard to find a new job these days so you need to invest in making a professional that will support your resume. It will serve as the introduction to the employer and this letter will touch some points and it will also highlight some interesting facts about you which can be seen in your resume as well. It is more of a summary of your resume. Cover letters should be custom-made to the reader and it should have your qualifications and interest for the job that you are applying for in a company.

By Xavier Colomain, Resume Consultant and Blog Contributor. Sharing expertise and providing Career Coaching since 1997. Owner of ResumeBlog.org