Education Resume Samples and Interview Tips

30 Nov, 2012


In this article we offer some references and information to find Education Resume Samples and Interview Tips to help you.

There are more and more people interested on Resume samples and templates, in fact it’s more complicated to write your own resume from the beginning than using some other resume and tailor it to our needs. That’s how some friends on the internet asked me to recommend some websites that could help them to find education resume samples and other relevant information for the preparation in the process of getting a new job in educational field.

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Finding Education resume samples

Searching on the web I’ve found great , in this website you’ll find the adequate model for an successful resume; it doesn’t matter which area of education you want to apply, this website has samples for resumes related to superintendent, teachers, textbook editor, trainer, aerobics instructor, athletic trainer, librarian, recent graduate and more.

I would like to share also some tips to use these education resume samples and tailor them to your own situation:

  • List relevant teaching-related experience if applicable, including volunteer positions and co-curricular activities from your own experiences; resume samples include general information that you should customize according to your own information.
  • Depending on the company and the job you’re applying, you can have more flexibility on your resume, such as including certain graphics or creative styles to impress the potential employer.
  • Your resume should not the copy of a sample, the content and organization will also depend on your own experience and level, for example there’s a difference if you’re interested for a high school job or an elementary teacher. Remember that mistakes in writing are not forgiven if you’re a teacher, so the proofreading must be perfect.

Education interview tips

If you want some useful information on , this website will provide you the necessary information for any of the job position you might want to apply, such as preschool teacher, elementary teacher, special education, and more.

Some of the interview tips I’ve learned from these websites are:

  • It’s useful not only for education interviews, but any other kind of interview, to be prepared by asking and answering the most common interview questions so you can be prepared for that tough moment and you can tailor your responses to fit the needs of the school you want to apply.
  • Understand perfectly what the school is looking for in a teacher and try to figure out if you fit to that requirements or what do you need to be the person they’re looking for. Be prepared for a possible behavioral interview, because it’s pretty common in education fields.
  • It’s important to do some research about the information of the school, their vision, their goals and try to identify yourself with them, for example: Private schools may have different application requirements or may be looking for different skill sets than public schools.
  • It could be necessary to be prepared with some questions to ask to the interviewer (sometimes they ask you to ask them questions).
  • Take special interest in your dress code for the day of the interview; remember that neatness count, also you need to practice with your body language, among other things.

By Xavier Colomain, Resume Consultant and Blog Contributor. Sharing expertise and providing Career Coaching since 1997. Owner of