20 Creative Resume Designs to impress

25 Sep, 2012


Do you feel that you’re not getting enough success in your job search? Although you send thousands of resumes to several companies, whether you know they’re hiring or not. Well, you might think it could be because of you or your qualification, or you’re not good enough for the job, in fact there are other reasons that could influence and you’re not considering, such as the design of your resume.

You must remember that there’re thousands of people looking for a job, the same as you, and companies receive each day too many resumes each day; those resumes might look like yours maybe and they are discarding those resumes (including yours) because they are not getting noticed.

That’s why, depending on the industry you’re applying, you can make a creative resume that could make the potential employer distinguish your resume from the rest. You must consider that the creative resume will show your personality, and it will be one of the first things the recruiter will see about you.

We selected some of the most impressive resumes to give you an idea of the incredible things you can do to distinguish yourself from other candidates, these are the top 20 creative resume designs to impress:

If you’re applying for a job as editor, what could be better than introducing yourself on a magazine? See the following example:

Editor Resume

Or maybe you’re interested in a chef position, and you want your resume with a related theme, this resume could inspire you:

Chef Resume

Or this resume, that seems to be related but is for a designer, very impressive and creative:

Artistic Resume

The following resume is for a person who is interested in a job as a waiter, you can see the great way to show the information closely related to the job.

Waiter Resume

Some of the most impressive resumes you’ll see are those made for graphic designers, because it’s a way to show their skills in the field. Here you can find other interesting graphic design resume examples to download for free.

This resume includes a great use of colors, and takes advantage of the logos of the several tools for design in the market that the applicant knows.

Graphic Designer Resume

This resume for a graphic designer has a different layout and a pretty different presentation than other.

Resume for a Graphic Designer

This is a design made for a vinyl record-themed portfolio design; see how the designer organized the information to fit in the shape.

Vinyl Resume

This is a design made for a young person; it shows the personality of the applicant and the essential information.

Young Graphic designer

This resume includes a great introduction with a resume objective, and then it shows the rest of the information. You can use this design for a job as editor, writer, designer, and other job industries.

Designer Resume

This resume show the information of the applicant, it includes a graphic with the information organized in a sort of timeline.

Designer Resume in Spanish

Other resumes take as inspiration popular designs at the moment; such as infographics, SERPS (search engine page results).

This example has a shape of SERP, so you can show some knowledge of SEO and SEM if you are interested in a job in the industry.

Resume in SERP design

Infographics are very popular nowadays, you can take advantage of this and present your resume in this layout, it’s a great way to capture the attention and show the information in a creative way.

Infographic ResumeInfographic Resume Design

If you want to try with a resume less formal, but much more attractive you can select one of the following examples:

This resume is really impressive, it has a creative and friendly way to organize the information and show it.

Creative Resume Design

Are you interested in trips and travel jobs? This resume presented as a passport will help you to impress the potential employer, with only the most important information related to the job you’re applying and a related layout.

Passport Resume

This resume might not seem very formal, but if you see it detailed, it has it all. You can show how great graphic designer you are by doing this type of resume. It will show your personality though a good organization.

Graphic Resume

Have you ever imagine the present your resume as a Timeline? It’s a helpful way to get attention from the employer, in that way you can focus on your job experience.

Timeline Resume

You can use this resume design to emphasize in the information; it’s a simple way to show your information using a different style in order to distinguish from the rest.

Public Relations Resume

This resume design is used for people that include little information for the resume, although the little information and the simple design, this resume can get your attention.

Simple Design Resume

You’ll meet many employers that don´t have enough time to look at a paper with too much information, in this design you see that the job seeker includes few information and in a simple way; maybe the potential employer will take more time to see your resume due to these characteristics.

Simple Resume

You don’t have to put pressure in yourself, because there are templates of examples that you can use to make it easier the design and format of a successful and creative resume.

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