22 Apr, 2013 || Examples

Best practices on writing a Social Media Resume

Many potential employees are claiming to be social media mavens, but very few actually have the necessary skills and experience to run successful social media campaigns. Set your skills apart from the rest with a clean, powerful social media resume that demonstrates your knowledge of the field.

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21 Jan, 2013 || Examples

Write a successful covering letter

resume cover letterPersonalizing a cover letter is so important. Submitting a generic cover letter will not capture the reader or the employer as well. You also need to address the specific positions that are usually advertised over the web and through prints. Resume is an important tool in applying for a job, but this is not just the only tool that you need. You also need to have a cover letter which is also important in applying for a job and in impressing a boss or an employer.

Rather than finding generic cover letter for your job application, you can make your own job application cover letter and increase your possibilities of getting the job that you want.

30 Nov, 2012 || Examples

Education Resume Samples and Interview Tips

In this article we offer some references and information to find Education Resume Samples and Interview Tips to help you.

There are more and more people interested on Resume samples and templates, in fact it’s more complicated to write your own resume from the beginning than using some other resume and tailor it to our needs. That’s how some friends on the internet asked me to recommend some websites that could help them to find education resume samples and other relevant information for the preparation in the process of getting a new job in educational field.

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25 Sep, 2012 || Examples

20 Creative Resume Designs to impress

Do you feel that you’re not getting enough success in your job search? Although you send thousands of resumes to several companies, whether you know they’re hiring or not. Well, you might think it could be because of you or your qualification, or you’re not good enough for the job, in fact there are other reasons that could influence and you’re not considering, such as the design of your resume.

You must remember that there’re thousands of people looking for a job, the same as you, and companies receive each day too many resumes each day; those resumes might look like yours maybe and they are discarding those resumes (including yours) because they are not getting noticed.