How to write an Administrative Assistant Resume

27 Sep, 2012


Administrative assistant resumeIf you’re creating your resume for the first time, you need to know that every resume is different; you cannot create your resume to present in each job opportunity. It’s important to consider that each position to which you’re going to apply will need a different content and maybe layout and format. We created this article to help you in the writing of your resume for an administrative assistant position.

If you wonder how to write an Administrative assistant resume, the first thing we must have in mind is include information that could attract the employer’s attention, from the resume objective or summary and the education and job experience. The whole information need to be organized according to a style and the information must fit with the skills and requirements for a person in this job position.

We recommend you to consider the following tips, in order to have a guide for your resume writing:

When we talk about resume styles, it’s the same as the resume format; the format you give to this important document will give you the opportunity to highlight your strengths, or your experience. The most common formats for resumes are chronological, functional, and the combination style (that combines both styles):

  • A chronological resume will help you if you have a lot of job experience, but it could be prejudicial if you’re new in the job market; if you use this resume format, you should list your current job, and followed by all other jobs you have done till date with the responsibilities you had as an Administrative Assistant ever since your first employment, this will impress the potential employer.
  • If you don’t have too much job experience, it could be better to use a functional resume, this format will emphasize in the skills and things you’ve learned relative to the job in that way you can show the recruiter, the potential you have and all that you can bring to the company.
  • Finally the combination style resume use both types of resumes to highlight the potential and the secretarial skills that the applicant has. In this way you highlight all things that employer matter most, what you’ve learned as well as where you learned it and practiced it.

Remember that as you’re going to apply for a job in which secretarial skills are important and even more important are the way you express them on your resume, so resume wording can influence in the decision of the recruiter. For example it’s different to read: Arranges meetings and Scheduling expertise, you might think that both expressions refer to the same skill, but the second one sounds more professional.

We recommend you the following resume template to use as a guide for a successful resume; you can download the free sample in the website, and take the example to generate ideas for your own resume.

Administrative assistant resume template

Remember that after creating a resume, you must worry in updating your data, with each completed or ongoing task, accomplishment, courses and other important information.

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