How To Create Portfolio Online

30 Nov, 2012


To create a portfolio online is a requirement in our days, in this article we give you some tips and examples of online portfolios to improve the promotion of your works.

Creating a portfolio online must be one of the most important things to do if you work in web design, photography, videos, if you want to succeed on these fields it’s necessary to have a portfolio online from the beginning so you can make your own brand and start a marketing campaign for your work.

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Create your own portfolio online

We have identified some special cases that might help you when starting to create a winning portfolio online; we hope the following information could encourage you on this task:

Maybe you’ve seen several portfolios online with amazing works and you wonder; if I’m just starting, how can I create a competitive portfolio? Well you can start creating your own experience by doing some projects for yourself, if you work with website design, doing your own website and improving it constantly will improve your business and your portfolio as well.

You can emphasize on the details such as:

  • Home page.
  • 404 pages
  • Forms
  • CMS templates
  • And add a section for your portfolio to add the future jobs.

Once you have your own page, and if you don’t have enough jobs to add to your portfolio, create pages for imaginary clients, in order to show your skills. You can also modify website templates available on the internet and post them on your portfolio.

One of the most important steps to the perfect portfolio website is to remember that your portfolio must show your best work, a mediocre work cannot be placed as an example of your work.

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Don’t forget that you’re a brand and you must show people what you’re doing and build your online presence, some of the things that you must put careful attention when creating your portfolio online are:

  • Your Logo, as a creative person this logo should impress visitors and it must be one of the first things they can see.
  • A tagline, to summarize who you are and what you do, it should be a short idea; we don’t want to make a boring page.
  • The portfolio itself, this is the critical section in which people will determine if the website is interesting or not, if there are photographs, those must be on big high-quality format, if you work in we design you need to add screen shots and links to the live version, if your clients can give you information to get a testimonial it can help too.
  • List the services you provide and detail each one.
  • Write a section about you, as more details as you add people will know you better. You should put your contact information and relevant information of your works, education, experiences, achievements and recognitions if there where.

Examples of online portfolios

We found a great website with 15 examples of good online portfolios, from which you can get some inspiration and ideas for your own; remember that your success will depend on the improvement you make to other ideas, so we recommend you to not only copy them, but give those ideas an special care to create your own branch.

If you find the process of creating a website for your own portfolio, you can use the several web-tools available on the internet that make it easy for you, they include options for the design and format, your own domain, plenty of space and options to get feedback from visitors; and the only thing you’re going to do is to add your works.

The following video will help you understand how to make grow your own business to the next level.

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